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Have you ever bought something you’ve never seen before and then can’t stop seeing it everywhere? Or you may drive a Honda Civic and one day it seems like every car that passes you on the highway is a Civic. We all experience this at some time. It’s called the Baader–Meinhof or frequency bias phenomenon.

When we began shooting this film I couldn’t stop seeing the colour purple everywhere … and I mean everywhere! I’m not just saying a purple shirt or even a purple car, I mean everywhere I turned! And it wasn’t just the colour purple. I began seeing a single white dove that somehow was perching near me every single day! Even places that you wouldn’t expect doves to be. I know doves are considered spiritual animals, so I started to imagine all kinds of wild things were going on.

As my intention from the beginning of this journey was to honour both Prince and his fans through this film, I decided to set a rule for myself: I would ask myself, what would Prince want us to do whenever we were faced with certain difficult situations. It became a good rule to follow. Weird, yep, but so was the whole journey of making this film.

And in the end, I realize I found out what it means to truly be within the “Fam” of Prince. The deep friendships I’ve made as a result are the best part of this journey. So if I now want to imagine that I was guided spiritually at certain steps along the way by Prince and that the doves or the purple blossoms were a message, then I also thank Prince for the best new friends one could possibly make. And those are friends that I continue to make when you, the audience, connect with us through our social channels.

There’s a lot of love in that. Isn’t that what life’s about?

Purple flowered trees beside a residential roadPalm tree with bush and purple flowersPurple cactus

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  • Dawn Hodge says:

    What can you say about what you achieved by making this incredible film, well I don’t know the.words. All I know is how you made me and my friends feel whilst watching together. We all clapped at the end, most if us with a tears in our eyes. It felt so true and heartfelt. We sat and chatted about it for ages afterwards. We loved it and we love you for taking the time to make such an amazing and long overdue film. Thank you and thank you for taking the time to talk to me afterwards. So glad the film and you have been given the love thats so deserved ☮️?

  • Loved this article Daniel Dor. Now that it is October our family starts to see double purple, for Prince and for Rett Syndrome. Our Daughter has Rett Syndrome and their color is PURPLE!

  • So strange! As I am reading this I’m wearing for the first time a brand new purple sweatshirt that I got in May because TCU is playing football today my shorts in my sweatshirt are purple solid! In 2006 I produced a CD of original music that was titled My Frequency! That was when Prince was still here. And doves came by the droves to my yard including one white dove that I pictured in my book on the cover! I always dreamed of coming to Paisley Park and even had the brochure! Thanks for these beautiful stories and reminding us what a beautiful human being Prince is! I look forward to seeing your film! With love Kimberly B

  • Victoria Prince says:

    Hi Daniel! Thank you for making this film and sharing your spiritual Prince journey with us! I absolutely loved the film and the history of North Minneapolis. I learned and appreciated it so much. I’ve been a fan since 1978 and still a huge fan! Thank you again!

  • AmyG says:

    The way this resonates with me and my personal experiences through life, but especially the past month or so, is really something special. I know that seeing this film was meant to inspire my journey, and it has! ? There is so much I want to share in this comment but I can’t publicly speak on some of the things I have in the works just yet, however if you’re moved to contact me at my email I’d love to share some of the similar occurrences and energy I’ve been feeling. From a fellow musician who grew up in Minnetonka, thank you for your work!

  • Chartae says:

    Thank you so much Brother. I Love the Family presence it brings…???

  • Beatrice Abercrumbie says:

    What an incredibly well made film! Thank YOU, Mr. Dor for seeing beyond “Purple Rain”, finding the real story, desiring to share it, then sharing it! When I began my own Prince journey, I learned and believe he had the gift of influence, not just from the effect he had on my life, but the effect he had on the lives of others, as well-to motivate to change, or to bring about change in our lives through his music. He had a drawing effect on people, they literally came from all over the world for him, but he wasn’t for everybody. I listened to your interview as you described the transformation you experienced working on this film, and I remembered my own very similar experience into the world of Prince, and I related deeply to all you said. And the film…it’s so rich…I’ll have to watch it again to get everything, but most of all I love that you gave him his human-ness. We live in a world that requires a trade off of humanity for celebrity, fame, especially when there’s talent. Like one of the people in the film was saying, the level of crazy by which you become surrounded is unbelievable, and not all those surrounding you are out for your good. Regardless of any and everything else, Prince was human, just like the rest of us, but with an extraordinary gift that he shared with all who would listen, any who could hear, and it was more than his music. I still miss him. This film reminded me we’ve lost a great treasure. But I’m believing now, maybe he was too good for this world.

  • Tish says:

    Thank you so much for creating this gorgeous film. Thank you also for keeping the beautiful Mr.Rogers alive in the hearts of all his fans. I too feel the “purple love” wherever I am.?

  • Gigi says:

    Loved that you spent a portion of the film on the Community Center, and how much talent was nurtured there. Was also sad that nobody in the media spoke to those folks after Prince passed. Thank you for this gem of a movie.

  • Angela R Dellagatto says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this film. I am having a prince Party. Oct,16. Playing videos, concerts, interviews, etc. Playing Prince trivia. Decorating everything Purple. Would love to stream your movie as part of the entertainment. Is this possible?