The Untold Story of Prince

About the Film

Mr. Nelson On The North Side explores the influences and roll models in Prince’s early years. They inspired his creativity and fueled his musical styles and intense focus to become the best at everything he did. This was the start of his path to becoming the incomparable artist and musical genius of our time.

In turn he provided much inspiration to other artists and fans influenced by his messaging of unity and love for all. Prince had a connection to his fan base like no other artist of our time. His embrace, love and sometimes shocking personal support to his trusted fans created a family type of connection spawning his term “fams”. For the first time, many of his closest fans share their remarkable stories in defining Prince to world.

His love towards his community of North Minneapolis was unwavering throughout his life. Many from that community share their stories about the young Prince and this very special place and individuals that supported and nurtured youth during a time of a civil rights uprising giving way to a place of their own to build their lives and self-esteem resulting in becoming the successful individuals they are today.


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Giving Back to the North Side

The Producers of the film Mr. Nelson On the North Side are honoured to support two remarkable North Minneapolis charities:

Hopewell Music Cooperative North

The mission of Hopewell Music Cooperative North is to empower underserved youth and adult students in North Minneapolis through high quality and affordable music education that is accessible to all regardless of age, background, ability, or financial circumstance.

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Stairstep Foundation

Healthy communities provide the relationships and connections from which it is possible to address family, health, and social problems. Stairstep Foundation is committed to supporting the health of their surrounding communities.

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Shared proceeds from the film in addition to your donations through our raffle go to support these two extraordinary organizations.

In addition, if anyone would like to donate musical instruments for youth, please connect with us at:

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