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Does the film have the permission of Prince's Estate?

Yes, the film’s producers received the Estate’s permission to make the film Mr Nelson on the North Side.

How can I buy a DVD or download the film?

Currently Mr Nelson on the North Side is only available for streaming on demand.

Where is the film showing?

Mr Nelson on the North Side will be screened online through a video streaming platform called Muvi.

Is the film showing in theatres?

For now the film is only available online.

Are you supporting charities?

We have two official non-profit partners based in and servicing the community of North Minneapolis. We chose to support them because they share the same spirit of giving and a love of music, like Prince. Visit our website to learn more about Hopewell Music Cooperative North and Stairstep Foundation.

How can I watch the film once I purchase my ticket?

You will ONLY have access to the film on the device (Computer, ipad, etc.) through which you completed the purchase. And you must also use the same browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) through which you completed the purchase. For viewing on a Smart TV, see next question. We note that some people have more success ordering and playing from their laptop or desktop as their primary device rather than from an ipad or phone.

Can I watch on my TV?

To watch the feature on your TV, you will have to connect the TV to the device on which you purchased the ticket. This can be done with a Smart TV, which can access the internet, or by connecting the device with an HDMI cable. Once the device is connected, you should be able to watch through your TV provider such as Chromecast, Roku, or Apple TV. If you purchased a ticket or registered using a Mac, you can stream the film on your TV by using AirPlay. Many viewers have more success ordering and streaming from their laptop or desktop rather than from an iPad or iPhone.

I live outside of North America, can I watch the film?

Yes! You will be able to watch the film anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

Can I watch on YouTube?

No, the film is only available on the official film website.

Can I watch on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime?

No, the film will not be available to stream on those platforms.

Can I watch the film more than once?

Yes, you have unlimited viewings during the virtual screening period.